Inventory Smart was developed from an expressed need and recognized void. Ski and Sea, a leading provider of housewares in the resort industry, heard from their clients that managing inventory was their biggest bottleneck; so, Ski and Sea worked closely with Resort and Housekeeping Managers to understand their struggles and their goals.

The initial solution was a feature added to the Ski and Sea website that assisted clients in recognizing when to order and in what quantities. This was helpful, but they quickly realized they needed this solution for all products, from tools to cleaning supplies, that they kept on hand. Ski and Sea further consulted with various levels of resort personnel to create a more complete wish list. They wanted a mobile system that is easy enough to be used accurately by any part- or full-time employee, yet thorough enough to capture inventory trends and movement that is valuable to executives.

Enter Inventory Smart. A unique inventory solution centering on the user experience but delivering the efficiencies, accountability and analytics executives desire.

In 2011, Inventory Smart was put into beta testing at a long-time client of Ski and Sea’s in Palm Desert, CA. Once the kinks were ironed out, the first major institution to implement Inventory Smart was a leading vacation ownership corporation. Inventory Smart had deployed at approximately 75 locations by 2013. Through the years, we have customized, integrated with major vendors, and discovered ways to enhance our system for all our clients.

And because an easy-to-use inventory management tool is hard to come by, Inventory Smart has expanded to other industries such as corporate housing, vacation rentals, and aviation. We’ve molded our system to fit the unique needs of each industry while maintaining the original objective of being user-friendly and comprehensive.

Jennifer Miner is co-founder and CEO. Her vision inspires everyone to make Inventory Smart efficient, intuitive and affordable.

Lindsey Miner is co-founder and President of Inventory Smart. She oversees day-to-day operations, interfacing with clients, sales, marketing and web developers.

Inventory Smart is a woman-owned business and member of the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC).